“Recap Report” of 2016

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We are enjoying celebrating our non profit’s 20th Anniversary in 2017! Looking back on this past year, JRBP stayed busy reaching out to our community, working alongside passionate volunteers, and making an impactful difference on our local land and waterways.


Check out the 2016 “Recap Report” below:

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 3.40.52 PM• Worked alongside over 400 volunteers equating to over 1,500 volunteer hours

• Participated at 16 community and JRBP sponsored events including River Jam – which attracted over 8,000 attendees

• Facilitated 3 major fundraisers, including 2 digital campaigns, totaling over $20,000

• Received over 15 media opportunities including PSA’s, event promotions & photography, TV interviews, magazine, and radio interviews

• Coordinated 7 river and riverside clean-ups that collected over 70 tires, 500 pounds of recyclable metal, and 4 tons of trash

o Some odd items found during clean-ups included: car bumper, vintage alcohol cans, road signs, cooking grill, shopping cart, toilet, vacuum, mattress, plastic toys, football helmet, TV, and recliner

• Participated in and hosted over 14 educational outreach events that served over 1,500 youth students

• Directed 6 presentations to agency groups and conferences

• Promoted digital educational campaigns including “Septic Smart Week,” “Endangered Species Day,” and highlighted illegal dumping practicesScreen Shot 2017-02-09 at 3.41.18 PM Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 3.41.08 PM

• Distributed 95 household septic pump-out rebates within our basin

• Provided 21 rain barrel rebates to Greene County citizens now collecting over 2,750 gallons of rainwater per rain event

• Researched and successfully drafted the Wilson’s Creek Watershed Management Plan


Along with your help, let’s make 2017 just as impactful!




Did You Know …?

JRBP is celebrating their 20th Anniversary in 2017..!

We are so honored to have shared in this journey
alongside our passionate and dedicated volunteers, members,
donors, patrons, partners, and friends for 20 years.

Let’s continue our mission to preserve the integrity of waterways
and their habitats for generations to come.


Make a special 20-year Anniversary Donation Here

Author: Christa Gammon

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