Local Watershed Groups

Watershed Committee of the Ozarks - A non-profit citizens committee organized to protect the quality of drinking water in the Missouri Ozarks.
Ozarks Water Watch: UWRB: Upper White River Basin Foundation - The 501(c)(3) foundation was begun in 2002 by a group of respected visionary business and civic leaders to address the problem of decreasing water quality along the upper White River in Missouri and Arkansas. Their Mission: "With your help we will work together to make Beaver, Table Rock, Taneycomo and Bull Shoals lakes the four cleanest manmade lakes in North America."

Table Rock Lake Water Quality, Inc. - A single purpose organization dedicated to maintain and improve the water quality of Table Rock Lake.  

Helping to keep our waterways clean

Show-Me Yards & Neighborhoods - Educational program designed to raise awareness about the role urban storm water runoff plays in the water quality of nearby streams, creeks, rivers, and lakes. Through voluntary educational activities, SMY&N offers environmentally responsible alternatives to traditional lawn care and construction practices that contribute to the runoff of contaminants and excess nutrients. SMY&N also recognizes and commends individuals and professionals who put the SMY&N techniques into practice - homeowners can earn an attractive yard sign and professionals can become certified.

Recreation on the James River and its Tributaries

Topographic Map of the James River- Use this map to assist in navigating the beautiful James River.

 Ozark Mountain Paddlers- Focusing on Conservation, Recreation, and Education. Many resources and activites to encourage and support utilization of our rivers.

 Missouri Canoe- A mile-by-mile description of the James and Finley rivers to assist in planning your trip to float these beautiful waters.

 Southwest Paddler - A description and other helpful information about the James River.

 Conservation Department Boat Ramps- This will take you to a map of Missouri.  Here you can zoom in to areas within the state to learn the exact location of available boat ramps.

 MDC Bass Managment Areas- If you like to float and fish, this site links to maps of different rivers in the state and what stretches are being managed for what types of bass. Click here to go directly to the James River map.

 A Guide to Ozark Float Fishing - What more needs to be said?  Except, see helpful links to to the right of the page as well.

 Conservation Area Atlas  - Contains ways of searching for conservation areas by county, region, or name. Or if you like you may go directly to these Conservation Areas on the James River: Joe Creighton Access, Lake Springfield Access, Delaware Town Acess, Shelvin Rock Access, Hooten Town Access, Kerr Access, Ralph Cox Memorial Access.

USGS Gauging Sites on the James. Here you can see gauge levels, discharge info and more. Sites are located near Springfield and at Galena.

Ozark Greenways Trails- Visit this page where you will find the information on the James River Water Trail which is a 6 mile float from Creighton Acess to Springfield Lake. Or just click on the Water Trail link to go directly to the map and other information.

A Paddler's Guide to Missouri - This inexpensive book featuring the wonderful floatable rivers in Missouri can be purchased from this Missouri Department of Conservation NatureShop website.

Hike Bike and More! - Check out our links....but when you are done GET OUTSIDE!

Other Helpful Links 

EPA's Watershed Academy - A great place to learn about watershed topics. You have the option of going through self-paced training module or just browsing. 

Greene Magazine -  provides a select group of advertisers an affordable alternative to reaching passionate consumers through a publication that makes people feel good about themselves.

Sinkhole Map of Missouri- With this map you may zoom in to find your specific area and the current sinkholes. Click on the 'hand' along the top to enable you to move the map around.

Ozarks Environment is a website dedicated to advancing and promoting conservation and environmental activities, events, and initiatives in the Southwest Missouri region. The site is designed for use by organizations, community members, educators, students, and businesses who have an interest in the environmental integrity of our Earth as a whole.

 Choose Environmental Excellence - Choose Environmental Excellence provides support to participants through newsletters, workshops, and technical materials. Call 417.864.2006 for more information.

 Show-Me Yards & Neighbors - Through voluntary educational activities, SMY&N offers environmentally responsible alternatives to traditional lawn care and construction practices that contribute to the runoff of contaminants and excess nutrients. SMY&N also recognizes and commends individuals and professionals who put the SMY&N techniques into practice - homeowners can earn an attractive yard sign and professionals can become certified.

 OEWRI (Ozark Environmental Resource Institute) - The Ozarks Environmental and Water Resources Institute (OEWRI) is in the College of Natural and Applied Sciences at Missouri State University. The institute supports efforts to protect and restore water quality and supply in the Ozarks Region of southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. 

 James River Watershed: Inventory and Assesment - A summary of the James River Basin through the Missouri Department of Conservation. In-depth information by clicking on the links on the right of the page.
MoWIN (Missouri Watershed Information Network) - MoWIN is a partnership working together to facilitate access to watershed information in Missouri. The ultimate goal is improved water quality in Missouri.
 MDC (Missouri Department of Conservation) - MDC protects and manages the fish, forest, and wildlife resources of Missouri, serves the public and facilitates their participation in resources management activities, and provides opportunities for all citizens to use, enjoy, and learn about fish, forest, and wildlife resources. Click here to go directly to info on the James River basin.
Know Your Watershed - Locate your watershed with a clickable map! This site is an excellent starting place for those wishing to learn more about watersheds, running the gamut from basic knowledge about watersheds to specific details about watersheds in every U.S. state. Know Your Watershed is part of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) site. Click here to visit the James River Basin info on this website.
Adopt-A-Watershed - A K-12 school community learning experience. Adopt-A-Watershed uses a local watershed as a living laboratory. Adopt-A-Watershed is part of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) site. 
 MDNR (Missouri Department of Natural Resources) - The MDNR seeks to preserve, protect and enhance Missouri's natural, cultural and energy resources and inspire their enjoyment and responsible use for present and future generations.
Missouri Stream Team - A program that organizes concerned citizens to tackle stream problems at the local level. Collectively, members learn to monitor water quality on a geographic scale far beyond what the government can do. They also work to plant trees, stabilize stream banks, improve fish and wildlife habitats in or near streams, clean-up litter and a vairety of other project.  Also check out the 20th Anniversary Stream Team video!!!

Missouri Small Flows - To educate installers, regulators, on-site soil morphology evaluators and other professionals involved in the wastewater industry in the latest technologies available; to provide a forum for wastewater professionals to demonstrate proper installation of wastewater systems; and to encourage wastewater professionals to educate homeowners, homeowner associations and the general public on location, operation and maintenance of their on-site sewage treatment system to assure ongoing adequate operation
 The City of Springfield  Storm Water Services Division - provides a variety of services to meet the needs of the community including plan review, project development, water quality monitoring and mapping of the municipal storm water system and sinkholes. The Division is also responsible for ensuring compliance with the City's federally mandated NPDES Storm Water Permit. 

United States Geological Service- Real time water data for Missouri 

 The Lakes of Missouri Volunteer Program - The LMVP was created in 1992 and began with four lakes in the Kansas City area. Since then about 200 volunteers have participated and water samples have been collected on over 50 different lakes around the state. Many lakes have several sample sites. Table Rock Lake, for example, currently has 18 sample sites.

 Missouri State Bull Shoals Field Station - A facility for research, education, and service in an outdoor Ozarks setting.

 WOW (Water on the Web) - Training students to understand and solve real-world environmental problems. WOW offers unique opportunities for high school and first year college students to learn basic science through hands-on science activities.

ECHO (Enforcement & Compliance History Online) -Here you can view the EPA enforcement and compliance map that allows people to see where violations of several environmental laws are occurring.  

Other Watershed Groups

 Elk River Watershed Improvement Association - To improve, protect and conserve the waters of the Elk River watershed for the people who live, work, attend school, own property in or visit the watershed through educational and implementation activities that are based on sound scientific analysis and information.

Bryant Watershed Atlas - An educational tool helping people connect to where they live. The Atlas serves the Bryant Watershed in Douglas and Ozark counties and is aimed primarily at students.
















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