The JRBP offers a soil test and 4 year nutrient management plan for JRBP members. A representative from the Partnership will come out to your home and take the soil sample along with a measurement of your lawn. After receiving the soil test results, a 4 year plan will be created specifically based on your needs. This plan will include what, when and how much fertilizer, lime, and/or calcium your lawn needs for each growing season as well as information on how to calibrate the spreader. This will help produce a beautiful, healthy lawn and SAVE you money on unnecessary nutrients and in return reduces the excess fertilizer run off resulting in cleaner water for you and your family. Click Here for a sample plan. If you are not yet a member JOIN NOW!

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Soil pH affects the availability of soil nutrients to plants. Soil acidity or pH below 6.0 reduces the amount of available phosphorous in the soil while increasing the amount of available aluminum and hydrogen. At a pH of 4.5, available aluminum and hydrogen are at toxic levels resulting in more weeds and less turf grasses. Optimum soil pH is 6.0 to 6.5 for most lawns in MO.

To counter these effects, an application of lime can reduce soil acidity. Liming increases the activity of organisms responsible for nitrification and nitrogen fixation and improves the overall condition of the soil.

Research indicates that increasing the pH of a soil from 4.5 to 6.0 through liming can increase density of turf grasses reducing weed invasion by as much as 15 percent. Liming could be the cheapest way to ensure a health beautiful lawn so SIGN UP NOW to see what your lawn requires!

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