Rain Gardens

Would you like to help control storm water issues on your property as well as provide a place for color and biodiversity? Check out our rain garden info and consider being a part of the solution!
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Septic Tank Pump-Out Program

This program offers a list of recommended pumpers and a cost share program for the homeowner who lives inside the James River Basin and who participates in the program. If you’re in need of a septic tank pump out, or know someone who is, call JRBP today 417 836-4847 or
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Urban Soil Testing

Proper fertilization of lawns is critical to cleaner water in the Ozarks. Excess fertilizer runs off your yard and into our waterways, creating environmental havoc in our streams. With this program you can learn how best to fertilize your lawn.
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Trees to Please

A riparian corridor protection program: Owning land that borders a river or stream comes with its own set of joys and responsibilities. Learn more about this education and protection program. Learn More »