Water Quality Improvement Project

Southwest Missouri
Water Quality Improvement Project (WQIP)
The mission of WQIP is to improve and protect water quality while
enhancing economic development for municipalities, agriculture, and
• Protect water quality and maintain critical ecosystems
• Protect the multi-billion dollar economic activity generated by
tourism, agricultural, and other industries in Southwest Missouri
• Identify and address major water quality problems
• Implement education & outreach programs, demonstrate effective
water quality practices, and develop infrastructure

The Green Circle shopping center, the first LEED platinum building in the country, showcases innovative building techniques that lower impacts to our land, air and water resources. Stormwater features incorported in the building include pervious pavement, a 10,000 gallon cistern, and a green roof.  Tours are available.  Check out the Green Circle Case Study for more infomation.

The Ripple Effect Conference was a collaborative project between the James River Basin Partnership and the  Upper White River Basin Foundation. The conference was particularly aimed at developers, architects, builders, engineers, and landscape architects.  The event consisted of a 2-day design charrette led by the experienced firm, Applied Ecological Services (AES) out of Wisconsin and a 2-day conference featuring speakers from Wisconsin, Illinois, and Arkansas along with local presenters. Topics covered a variety of areas including Yard Prairiscaping, Smart Growth Techniques, Rainwater Harvesting and many others. Design Charrette participants had the opportunity to apply these techniques to a local undeveloped site with the expertise of AES on hand. See the hydrological info and cost and layout comparisons between a traditional development and a development using Low Impact Development techniques on the same site.  Click here for conference program.

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Other WQIP projects include the 50 for 50 rain gardens program.

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