Show-Me Yards, Neighborhoods, Farms and Ranches (SMYNFR) 319 Grant


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On March 1, 2012, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources awarded a Clean Water Act Section 319 Grant for approximately $350,000 to JRBP.  The grant will focus on improving water quality in the Pearson Creek Watershed (PCW). 

The goal of this project is to reduce the amount of nutrient loading in the Pearson Creek Watershed (PCW).  JRBP and our partners will achieve this goal through expansion of the successful SMY&N program into the PCW.  The expanded program will include small farms and ranches (300 acres or less).  Show-Me Yards & Neighborhoods is an educational program designed to raise awareness about the role urban storm water runoff plays in the water quality of nearby streams, creeks, rivers, and lakes. SMY&N offers environmentally responsible alternatives to traditional lawn care and construction practices that contribute to the runoff of contaminants and excess nutrients.



The James River Basin Partnership is offering Cost Share Programs for residents of the PCW and other specific areas inside the James River Basin who would like to participate in projects such as:


Stream Protection: This practice will be installed to protect Pearson Creek from accelerated erosion, provide adequate stream bank vegetation, and improve water quality. The Stream Protection practice will be applied to areas immediately adjacent to permanent or intermittent streams, streams containing perennial pools or natural wetlands, where livestock have uncontrolled access for watering purposes. The cost-share components for these practices will include water source development, limited access, stream crossing, livestock exclusion fence, and critical area planting. 



Riparian Forest Buffer: Cost-share will be provided for improving riparian corridors by fencing to exclude livestock, planting trees and developing alternative water sources for livestock. Global Positioning System (GPS) technology will be used to help measure number of feet restored. Cost-share incentives are available in combination with total farm resource management, but not as a stand-alone practice.


Woodland Protection through Livestock Exclusion: This practice will be used to protect soil and plant resources from grazing by domestic livestock. The Woodland Protection through Use or Livestock Exclusion practice will be available where existing woodland areas are susceptible to excessive erosion due to livestock grazing. The cost-share for this practice will be available for planting of necessary seeds or seedlings, field fencing to exclude livestock from woodland areas, materials needed for stream bank stabilization measures, and critical area planting to address erosion problems. Fencing cost will include all components needed such as labor costs, posts, wire, insulators, fasteners, gates, fence chargers, installing pipeline from a water source to a water distribution point, electric pumps, ram pumps, pressure tanks, hydrants, tanks, nose pumps, valves, pond slits and spring developments in accordance with NRCS technical specifications.

Nutrient Management Plans: Rural and urban property owners located in the PCW will be offered an opportunity to receive a soil test and 4-year nutrient management plan (NMP) whether for lawn, pasture or manure management.


Stormwater Flow Reduction BMP Installation: Rural and urban property owners in the PCW will be invited to participate in programs to install stormwater harvest and capture techniques. Items available for this cost share include but are not limited to rain barrels (and installation), cisterns (and installation), rain gardens (design, construction and planting), bio-swales and other LID practices as identified.

On-site Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) Pump-out Rebates: The OWTS pump-out rebates will focus first on eligible rural and urban property owners throughout the PCW to participate in the rebate pump-out program. The average homeowner cost of an OWTS pump-out averages between $150 - $250. 


To find out if you qualify for any of these cost-share opportunities please contact Melissa Bettes at or 417 836-4847. 


























































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