Table Rock Lake 319 Grant

The James River watershed and Table Rock Lake are currently on the Environmental Protection Agency's 303(d) or imperiled list due to excess nutrient pollution (Phosphorus) this source of pollution can be contributed to on-site septic systems that are failing to either groundwater or surface water due to shallow soils and karst topography in our Ozark region. As the population increases we all need to be careful not to increase pollution to our water resources.

Table Rock Lake Water Quality (TRLWQ) has an "Onsite Septic System Identification and Remediation" 319 project to help homeowners replace failing septic systems with convential gravity flow or "advanced treatment" onsite wastewater treatment systems through a cost-share.  This is a watershed-based project funded through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources which currently focuses on the area in the lower portion of the James River basin, primarily in Stone County, Missouri (see map below).

Project Goals:

The overall goal of this project will be to reduce nutrient pollution of surface waters from septic system failure and help educate regional population on proper wastewater treatment practices. Cost-share funding is available for several homes in this area. The cost-share amount is 50% of cost up to $5,000 if the site meets grant criteria requirements. As stated above, the recipients of the grant must live within the Lower James River area which includes the James River watershed south of Clever, MO to Table Rock Lake except the Flat Creek region. And the current onsite wastewater system must be failing with surfacing effluent and/or a leaking tank or other similar problems.
For more information please contact Melissa Bettes at 417 836-4847 or

TRL 319 Map

Event Calendar:

Homeowner’s Water Quality and Septic Workshop; 9/09/2010
Installer's Septic System Workshop; Watershed Center Demo Site, 7:30am to 12:00pm CEU's available 9/21/2010--must register, for more info call 417 836-4847
Septic System Workshop for Bankers, Realtors and Others;

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