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Focus on Recreation

Major tributaries of the James River contribute to the beauty and vast opportunities to experience this Ozarks’ basin. Go out and fish, float, hike, and explore the James River and its tributaries: Wilson’s Creek, Finley River, Crane Creek, and Flat Creek. The local geology alongside the many springs bring something very unique to this region of the Midwest.


Ecology Entwined with Quality

While exploring, notice how vegetation filters and holds streambanks for better water quality and safer animal habitats. Help understand the systems working together within the James River basin, both above ground and underground, that directly contribute to our local water quality. Actions taken on our urban and rural landscapes directly affect geologic features and our porous karst topography – which in turn, directly affect the citizens living on these landscapes.


Streamside Adventures

Check out the recommended day trip destinations and find new hiking trails, bike paths, and conservation & wilderness parks near the James River. Then create your own path and story while learning about historic sites along the James that are important to the Ozarks’ rich history from early pioneering days to a hunting lodge of the 1970′s.


Floating and Flow

Public river accesses allow for convenient and safe floating options. As you consider the best times and places to float the James or one of its tributaries, consider accessing one of the streamflow gages called out on this map. https://waterdata.usgs.gov/mo/nwis/rt Keeping track of data before and after float (such as the stretch of river floated, date, water level, and other general observations) can help prepare you for future outings.



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Proceeds from this map directly benefit the James River Basin Partnership, a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code, and their ongoing mission to support, protect, and improve water quality within the James River basin.






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