Rain barrels can be purchased from anywhere when applying for the "Right as Rain" Rain Barrel Rebate. Please select a rain barrel that fits your desired style, size, and budget. 

See our list below of local Southwest Missouri locations to purchase rain barrels. Prices may vary. Some may be available only in-store and/or online.

Habitat for humanity restore

o   Blue Barrels - Price and availability vary


Tractor Supply Co.

o   Rain Wizard 50-gallon rain barrel - $89.99

o   Graf Exaco Terranova rain barrel - $349.99

o   Rain Wizard Urn - $129.99

o   Impressions 50-gallon bark rain saver (23 in. x 34 in.) - $149.99


Rain Reserve

o   Build-A-Barrel 50-gallon tank and diverter kit (colors: brown, grey, tan) -$149.99

o   Complete downspout rain diverter system - $74.99

o   Double rain barrel diverter system (double capacity) - $89.99

o   Basic rain diverter - $29.99-$39.99

o   Rain barrel seal inlet pack - $18.99


Race Brothers farm & home supply

o   55-gallon plastic drum- $16

§  Diverter kit sold separately.



o   Tanks of various sizes that can be used to collect water with appropriate fittings added. Call/visit for pricing.



o   Rain Wizard 50-gallon oak plastic rain barrel with diverter and spigot - $164.05

o   Rain Wizard 50-gallon black recycled plastic rain barrel with spigot (no diverter) - $137.80

o   Bosmere rain barrel stand - $39.26

o   Bosmere 50-gallon green plastic rain barrel - $85.56


Home Depot

o   Earth Minded 55-gallon blue plastic drum DIY rain barrel bundle with diverter system - $89.99

o   Rain Wizard 50-gallon oak rain barrel - $93.62

o   55-gallon black industrial plastic drum - $69.99

o   3P Technik Maurano granite rain water tank - $553

o   3P Technik 210-gallon sandstone jumbo rain water tank - $627

o   3P Technik Noblesse black granite rain water tank - $480



o   Suncast 50-gallon rain barrel - $66.93

o   Upcycle 50-gallon terra-cotta rain barrel - $86.98

o   Koolscape 50-gallon space saver rain barrel (includes 5 pots) - $83.68

o   RTS Companies Flatback 50-gallon rain barrel - $99.45-$124.95

o   Earthminded F-RN069 rain barrel linking kit - $20.1.



o   Rain Wizard 50 diverter kit - $142.99

o   Rain Wizard connecter kit - $24.99

o   Impressions 50-gallon rain barrels - $132.99-$149.99

o   Rain Wizard Urn - $134.99.


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The "Right as Rain" Rain Barrel Rebate Program is funded thanks to:


Greene County
Christian County