JRBP-mapThe James River Basin Partnership (JRBP) is a grassroots, not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization working to improve and protect the water quality of the springs, streams, rivers, and lakes in the James River Watershed which consists of almost a million acres of land in portions of 7 counties.

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STUFF YOU WANT TO KNOW–The Nature of Water–Topic #2

Topic #2–The Nature of Water National Geographic in a recent (Oct. 2014) study confirmed that all the water on earth was bound in rocks at the time the earth formed approximately 4.8 billion years ago.  Therefore, the flow of springs, streams and rivers must have begun just after the beginning of the planet.  Perhaps this…


TOPIC 1–AQUATIC MACRO-INVERTEBRATES Many people don’t realize the abundance of life present in a stream or lake.  When asked about what lives in water, their first answer might be “fish,” then possibly “moss, vegetation, snakes or turtles.”  How many people would say “insects” or some other type of invertebrate (animals without backbones)? Polluted and unpolluted…

FROM THE DIRECTOR’S DESK–Clean Rivers Require Clean Watersheds

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A HEAVY RAIN MAKES The picture at left was taken Sunday September 21, 2014 at the Creighton public access on the James River above Lake Springfield and just below the Blackman drinking water intake operated by City Utilities of Springfield.  The upper basin of the James River experienced up to 5 inches…

From The Director’s Desk–Missouri 340 and JRBP

On August 12, 2014 Ian Rogers of Springfield embarked on a great adventure.  Ian was a participant in the Missouri 340 race that takes place each summer on the Missouri River from Kansas City to St. Louis, coincidentally 340 river miles.  Ian was in a field of 283 intrepid paddlers that began the downstream journey…

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2013 JRBP Project Summary Very cool rain garden learning tool. Highly interactive, informative and worth a look! This can permenantly be found on our rain garden page. Added: Searchable EPA Enforcement & Compliance Map See the searchable Sinkhole Map under "Other Helpful Links" See our 'Recreation on the James River and its Tributaries' links

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