Join the movement


To take part in the ‘The Last Straw” movement, individuals can refer to the business participant list below and: 

  • visit the businesses listed below to enjoy all they have to offer
  • notice "The Last Straw" sticker when you enter 
  • say "thanks" and give high-fives to business owners & staff
  • comment on Facebook telling these businesses "thanks"
  • create a new habit for yourself!
    • refuse plastic straws
    • bring re-usable bottles & mugs when you travel outside your home
    • take notice of the various plastics consumed in your daily life
  • ...and many other visionary ideas


To take part in the ‘The Last Straw” movement, businesses must: 

  • make a tangible commitment to address their businesses' use of single-use plastics. 
  • each business is different, and each business knows best what it can do
    • only offering straws and single-use plastics upon customer request 
    • removing plastic straws and single-use plastics completely, and replacing with paper straws, stainless steel straws, etc.
    • switching to bio-degradable cups, bio-degradable to-go-food containers, trash bags, etc..
  • ...and many other visionary ideas

If you are a business interested in receiving a "The Last Straw" vinyl decal for your door and getting on board with this movement, please contact:
Todd Wilkinson (JRBP Membership & Communications Manager) / 417-836-3756

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