We are proud of the impact that JRBP projects have made in southwest Missouri to preserve and protect water quality in the Ozarks.

tree planting-JRBP

Public opinion survey

October 2017

As part of the research for the "James River Watershed - Based Plan," a local public opinion survey was conducted by partnering organizations to hear from local residents of the James River watershed.  This and other community input will help guide planning efforts. Results are in!



Macroinvertebrates are small animals that don’t have a backbone, but are big enough to be seen with the naked eye. These often overlooked creatures are an important part of the aquatic food chain and can tell us a lot about the health of our local waterways.


Riparian CORRIDOR protection

A healthy riparian corridor is one of the best ways to protect our streams and preserve the land around it. Through grant funding, JRBP helps with tree planting, streambank stabilization, and permanent corridor protection.


Trail signage

Many of our beloved Ozark Greenway trails travel alongside important tributaries to the James River. Take a trip along the Wilson’s Creek Greenway Trail to view our two new educational kiosks and learn about the management practices that have been put in place to restore and protect the banks of this beautiful stream.


Water quality sampling snapshot

In 2016, the James River Basin Partnership worked with Loring Bullard to expand his 2013 thesis and sample over 70 water locations within the James River watershed. With the help of volunteers and the Southwest Treatment Plant, benchmark data was collected for future analysis and comparison.