Providing exciting, hands-on environmental education helps to develop a passion for the outdoors and respect for our natural resources. We believe it is never to early or too late to talk about the importance of protecting our local waterways.



Watershed festivals 

Each year JRBP works with local City entities and school to fulfill their MS4 permits. JRBP brings watershed education to nearly 1,000 fifth-grade students in gymnasiums and at the Valley Water Mill Park's Watershed Center


Community Events & Partnerships

Throughout the year, JRBP works to support local events by bringing expertise and knowlege through tabling, co-planning, and partnerships. We pride ourselves in our range of diverse partners to raise the bar higher for our community.


Workshops & Presentations

Seminars can focus on water quality practices, soil health, JRBP projects and programs, or another requested topic. JRBP presents to a variety of groups in our watershed.  Informative workshops are offered periodically based on grant funding.