We are committed to creating a community of water quality advocates that come together through education, action, and recreation. 



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Your membership dollars
Do make a difference

Our financial backbone is comprised of approximately 70% federal, state, and foundational grant funding, while the remaining 30% is supported directly through citizen and business memberships, donations, and fundraising events. As environmental grants becomes more competitive, memberships and donations continue to make a huge impact on our...

 ...non-profit's ability to implement community projects, including clean-ups. JRBP and our volunteers remove thousands of pounds of trash and recyclables from local rivers each year. Your membership helps fund these clean-ups as well as educational outreach opportunities for adults and youth, projects & programs within our community, and general operational duties.

$100 ... helps remove 1 recliner from our rivers
$50 ... helps remove 1 television from our rivers
$20 ... helps remove 1 tire from our rivers
$10 ... helps remove 320 aluminum cans from our rivers
$5 ... helps remove 1,600 styrofoam cups from our rivers
$1 ... helps remove 16 plastic bottles from our rivers

Your membership is tax-deductible based on JRBP's 501.c.3 non-profit status.