We are committed to creating a community of water quality advocates in our region that can come together through education, action, and recreation. 

Membership Re-Launch

Friday, October 6, 2017 

Noon - Lunch Launch!



Sustainable Funding

Our financial backbone is comprised of approximately 70% federal, state, and foundational grant funding, while the remaining 30% is supported directly through citizen and business memberships, donations, and fundraising events.

As environmental grant funding becomes more competitive and less available, your membership directly helps fund our education outreach, programs, and river clean-ups.



  • $10 ... remove 320 aluminum cans from our rivers
  • $5 ... remove 1,600 styrofoam cups from our rivers
  • $1 ... remove 16 plastic bottles from our rivers

Your membership and donations allow us and our volunteers to:

  • $100 ... remove 1 recliner from our rivers
  • $50 ... remove 1 TV from our rivers
  • $20 ... remove 1 tire from our rivers

IndivIDUAl & Family Membership

We want to give individuals, dynamic duos, couples, families of all sizes, and your crew the opportunity to become a fundamental part of our non-profit. Each year we coordinate membership meetings, a member tour, and a member float to bring our community of members together to converse and learn, enjoy in our rivers, and make an impact on our local waterways. 

With the coming membership re-launch, look for new schwag and benefits to be added to each membership level!


Business Membership

We want to give local businesses and their employees the opportunity to support our non-profit's crucial ongoing mission of water quality in the Ozarks. Not only does safe and clean water promote tourism within our cities, it also upholds overall citizen health and engagement. If you look out your business's door, how close is the nearest stream, creek, spring, or river? If you take a look, you may realize one is closer than you expected. Help us protect these vital resources and reach out to our local community with us. 

With the coming membership re-launch, look for new schwag and business outreach opportunities to be added to each membership level!

Interested in learning more about membership and the coming re-launch? 

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