We are proud of the impact that our community has made in southwest Missouri to preserve and protect water quality in the Ozarks.



watershed planning

Working with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), JRBP helps to create basin wide plans to most effectively improve the water quality in our local rivers. These plans take into consideration our many and varied stakeholders as well as the challenges that our rivers face.

To view the most recent watershed plan, CLICK HERE > 2016-2017 Middle James Watershed Plan

Community Outreach & Partnerships

Throughout the year, JRBP works to support local events by bringing expertise and knowlege through tabling, co-planning, and partnerships. We pride ourselves in our range of diverse partners to raise the bar higher for our community.

Watershed festivals & Education outreach

Providing exciting, hands-on environmental education helps to develop a passion for the outdoors and respect for our natural resources. We believe it is never to early or too late to talk about the importance of protecting our local waterways.


Macroinvertebrates are small animals that don’t have a backbone, but are big enough to be seen with the naked eye. These often overlooked creatures are an important part of the aquatic food chain and can tell us a lot about the health of our local waterways.

Riparian CORRIDOR protection

A healthy riparian corridor is one of the best ways to protect our streams and preserve the land around it. Through grant funding, JRBP helps with tree planting, streambank stabilization, and permanent corridor protection.

River clean-ups

Litter is not only unpleasant to look at, but it is also harmful to wildlife and water quality. Come on out and lend a hand at one of annual stream cleanups including Earth Day, River Rescue, Day of Caring, Adopt-a-Highway, and various urban clean-ups.

storm Drain reveal

Our urban storm drains lead straight to our local rivers. To get this message out, JRBP and the City of Springfield worked together from 2011-2014 to create Storm Drain Reveal. This annual event worked with local artists to turn storm drains into works of art, with a very important message. Many of the storm drains can still be seen today in our community.

Stream team #1356

We are proud to be members of Missouri Stream Team and their efforts to care for our local waterways. We contribute by monitoring water quality, holding cleanups, and providing educational events throughout the James River watershed. Data received by Stream Team provides a benchmark for our region's water quality. 

Trail signage

Many of our beloved Ozark Greenway trails travel alongside important tributaries to the James River. Take a trip along the Wilson’s Creek Greenway Trail to view our two new educational kiosks and learn about the management practices that have been put in place to restore and protect the banks of this beautiful stream.

Water quality sampling snapshot

In 2016, the James River Basin Partnership worked with Loring Bullard to expand his 2013 thesis and sample over 70 water locations within the James River watershed. With the help of volunteers and the Southwest Treatment Plant, benchmark data was collected for future analysis and comparison. 

Workshops & Presentations

Seminars can focus on water quality practices, soil health, JRBP projects and programs, or another requested topic. JRBP presents to a variety of groups in our watershed.  Informative workshops are offered periodically based on grant funding. Keep an eye out for our 2018 conference focused on Low Impact Development.