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When you choose a LEVEL 3 business membership you and your business have a wonderful opportunity to surround yourself with passionate fellow businesses and residents of the Ozarks who #LoveYourLocalWater.

Your membership is tax-deductible based on JRBP's 501.c.3 non-profit status.

Why become a business member?

Not only do your membership dollars help JRBP and our volunteers remove thousands of pounds of trash and recyclables from the James River watershed's rivers, streams, and creeks - your membership helps fund educational outreach opportunities for adults and youth, projects & programs within our community, and general operational duties.

  • $100 ... helps remove 1 recliner from our rivers
  • $50 ... helps remove 1 television from our rivers
  • $20 ... helps remove 1 tire from our rivers
  • $10 ... helps remove 320 aluminum cans from our rivers
  • $5 ... helps remove 1,600 styrofoam cups from our rivers
  • $1 ... helps remove 16 plastic bottles from our rivers


Check out the details of the benefits you receive as a Level 3 Business - JRBP Business Member.


Lunch-and-learn raffle


When you become a JRBP member at Level 3, 4, or 5, your business will get entered to win a "Lunch-and-Learn" in-office presentation or field trip, during your business's lunch hour, alongside the JRBP staff. 1 winning business is chosen each year. 




Staff Referral prize

When your business comes in as a JRBP member, we extend our thanks to your staff. If your staff joins as an JRBP Individual & Family member, they will receive a special additional "Thank You" prize! 





Member Vinyl decal

With your membership, receive 1 exclusive JRBP member vinyl decal. This decal is easy peel-and-stick that can be placed on your business's door, window, vehicle, or even a computer, travel mug, or boat!

Show off your love and support for our local waterways with this versatile member sticker. Individual & Family members also receive this matching decal.



james river explorer's guide

Receive 1 complimentary James River Explorer's Guide ($10 value) showcasing cities, historic sites, caves, geological features, public river accesses, parks & trails, day trip destinations, streamflow gages, and wastewater treatment plants near the James River and its tributaries (Wilson's Creek, Finley River, Crane Creek, and Flat Creek).

Our waterways contribute to the beauty and vast opportunities to experience our Ozarks' region - the James River basin!

Written and illustrated to help explorers like you navigate our waterways while learning about the rich history, fascinating geology, and unique plants & animals found throughout our alluring and charming Southwest Missouri watershed.


Featured in various outreach efforts

The James River Basin Partnership reaches out to our members, donors, and interested patrons on a consistent basis to update them on our non-profits new projects, water quality information, statistics, how-to's, rebates, volunteer opportunities, events, and membership updates. 

E-Newsletter "The Current"


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Learn more about the fellow business members of the James River Basin Partnership featured on our Business Member Spotlight webpage.

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