Envisioning clean water for you,
your children, and your grandchildren.


The James River Basin Partnership (JRBP) is a grassroots, not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization working to improve and protect the water quality of the
springs, streams, rivers, and lakes in the James River watershed which
consists of almost a million acres of land in portions of eight counties.


Tickets on sale now

Connect and be a part of this beautiful fall gathering, surrounded by the Ozarks' most vital resource - our local water.

Come dressed in your finest fall attire for this outdoor event, Sunset Soirée; the second annual Bridge to Clean Waterfundraiser benefitting the James River Basin Partnership's 501(c)3 mission.

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Get your Guide

Written and illustrated to help explorers like you navigate our waterways while learning about the rich history, fascinating geology, and unique plants & animals found throughout our alluring and charming Southwest Missouri watershed.

Shipped directly to your door!

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Rain Barrel Rebate

Residents of Greene County can participate in this rainwater harvesting rebate that will help add sustainable efforts to your home, conserve drinking water, and create a new way to tend to your garden. Receive $0.50 for every gallon your new rainwater harvesting unit collects, up to 300 gallons.

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Enter to win

We need your help...! Do you live within the James River watershed? Your answers will help us and our partner agencies understand your views as a local watershed citizen as we continue to write and research a Watershed Management Plan.

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